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Our one of a kind earrings are a statement piece for an elegant outfit or for a bride's big day. Beautiful, sophisticated, tasteful, chic, and feminine, these earrings are perfect for every lady. 

These earrings were hand beaded by SCAD educated artisan (and Grice Grove owner Kaitlynne's boarding school roommate!) Catherine Bradley, using a finite beading thread with unique and vintage beads and materials.

No two pairs are the same; Catherine (or "CB" as she's known in our house!) takes a pain staking amount of time to design and create each pair. 

E A R R I N G S:  

  • Handmade in Charleston, South Carolina  
  • 100% genuine leather backed
  • Doubled threaded to ensure durability
  • Feature genuine Swarovski crystals.

S U P P O R T   T H E    A R T S: 

A lot of love went into hand beading these beautiful earrings! When you wear them, you can be proud that you supported two small businesses, an American artist, and your local economy!