The Grice Grove Story

Grice Grove is Kaitlynne Barngrover GriceWHAT WE DO

Grice Grove Boutique specializes in the art of gift giving. We are an eclectic online boutique offering beautiful products from makers we believe in, sourced from small businesses and local makers, artisans, and creators in the United States and South Africa.

Our mission is to offer thoughtful, creative, and responsibly sourced products in every price range for every occasion, and to make the online shopping experience fun, easy and stress free. We are fiercely committed to providing our customers with a simple, speedy virtual shopping experience, while maintaining a small business, people­ based customer service approach: should you ever need help during your Grice Grove shopping experience, you can pick up the phone and speak directly to someone on our team.


The easiest answer ever. We do this for YOU, our customer. Whether you are shopping for a birthday gift or for your wedding day, it means the WORLD to us that you are here looking for a special little something! Thank you so much for dropping by!