Rainbow Air Plant Holder, Air Plant Included

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Air plants are the ultimate easy care plant! Perfect for plant newbies or die hard enthusiasts, because they are just so cute! This rainbow air plant holder is made of reclaimed wood and hand painted. Includes air plant, and air plant care instructions.

  • Each planter = a new tree planted. 
  • Hand made in Southern California. 
  • Size: 2.75" x 1.5" x 1.5"
  • Air Plant Care: Can be kept inside or outside. They like warmer temperatures.No direct sunlight.  It is recommended to water every other week by letting them soak in a bowl of clean water for 1-2 weeks. Note: if you forget a week or two, just let them soak for longer. After soaking, it is very important to shake out any excess water. You may also dry the plant upside down. Let dry completely before placing back in holder.