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Wedding Wednesday with Taylor Dawn, Wedding Designer + Planner


Name: Taylor Doehrman, 24
Occupation: Wedding Planner + Designer, Taylor Dawn Design 
Hometown: Loganville, Georgia
Favorite Color: soft pink
Favorite iPhone Photo Editing App: Filmborn
Favorite Clothing Store: Madewell
Favorite Book: I love to read, so choosing a favorite is hard! The last fiction I read was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Harry Potter, always.). A recent non-Fiction favorite is Scary Close by Donald Miller (this one digs deep, y’all!).


Let’s talk style. How would you describe yours? Who are your style muses? This is an easy one for me. Lauren Conrad has forever been my girl crush and style icon. I love that she has a more traditional, classic style that she updates with trendy pieces while always staying true to herself. She also is a big supporter of fair trade and supporting local female artisans in countries all over the world, which I absolutely love! Shop small, folks!  
Describe your ideal client. I love a client who books me because she loves my aesthetic and it is a good fit to her own personal aesthetic. Working on a design I love makes my job all the more fun! Hanging out and getting to know my brides is the most fun aspect of my job, so if they’re down for guac and margs, that’s always a plus for me!


What is your very favorite moment on a wedding day? One of my very favorite moments is when the bride enters her ceremony and reception space and sees what has only been a vision and idea up to this point come to life. It is incredible! You can see the joy within them in noticing that their dreams are a reality in front of them.

Describe your design process when working with a couple. What do you think is the most important planning aspect? 

I start by hearing their dreams for their wedding day. I design a custom design board for my bride that we then communicate to each vendor! This helps create a cohesive design and helps the bride narrow down what they actually want. Some brides put so much emphasis on paper goods, while others love to splurge on floral design and save on paper goods! 

We have a lot of engaged readers wondering, “do we really need a wedding planner?” Tell us the top 3 reasons why they need one!

  1.  Absolutely, yes! I tell all of my brides that my number one priority is that they truly enjoy their wedding day stress free and relaxed. The only way this will happen is if they have someone they trust taking care of the details! (This “someone” should probably not be your mom, sister, aunt, etc.; we want them to be stress-free too!) 
  2. It is always the best to have someone in your corner throughout the planning process! It’s nice to be able to ask if your florist prospect is giving you an accurate quote, and to double check that your vendors are reputable.
  3.  Having someone who is experienced in the industry to take care of logistical details such as your timeline and layout, and sending those out to vendors, is a great way to ensure your day goes smoothly and flows through the day.  

What trends are you excited to incorporate into your 2017 designs?

Oh! I love this (fashion merchandising minor, hey!)! I love that artistic prints will be big in 2017 for apparel! Feminine features such as floral print and ruffles will stay their course in 2017 at the forefront of design. 


You are one of our favorite customers, and you have been a major supporter of our Grice Grove candle line, Evil Queen. What is your favorite Evil Queen scent?!

 My favorite is Boss Babe, because, duh. Girl power.  

What other Grice Grove products do you love for your brides?

 I love to gift my brides with cute ring holders, because who doesn’t love to show off their new bling?! I also love the dish towels! They’re super cute and very practical! 

Does Taylor sound like your dream wedding planner? Give her a shout! Contact Taylor Dawn Design 

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