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Wedding Wednesday with Photographer Sarah Ingram


Name: Sarah Ingram, 31
Occupation: Film Photographer, Calligrapher & Stationery Designer, Sarah Ingram Photography & Design
Hometown: Just north of Atlanta, GA
Favorite Color: Grey
Dream Travel Spot: Greece & Italy - film camera in tow!
Red Velvet or Chocolate Mousse: Chocolate 
Fav iPhone Editing App: VSCO  


Tell our readers about your brand, Sarah Ingram Photography & Design! What can we expect from you this year?  With art and connection at the center of business, I am a bespoke film photographer and calligrapher specializing in weddings. I run an intimate operation booking a small number of projects each year to allow myself to dedicate, dream, and create with my clients. This year, you will see a less is more approach from me. Creating more clean images and paper designs, as well as cutting out virtual clutter and connecting in more personal capacities outside of the internet is a huge goal. There are also plans for creating more community to breathe in added influence from my clients and peers. I cannot wait to see how things evolve! 


Let’s talk style. How would you describe yours? My personal style is more than anything, uncomplicated.  I really love feeling feminine but want to be a bad mamma jamma too. Think black leather jacket over a champagne silk dress. Most days you will find me in ripped denim with a blousy top, but I love a reason to get dolled up too.  My average bride feels the same! 

What are the biggest challenges you face running your business?  Reigning myself in. Being passionate about my work makes it so easy to spend the majority of my time, thoughts and energy on it. The challenge I face now is learning and working to create boundaries that will ultimately create a positive harmony between my personal and business lives.


Describe your ideal client for photography and for paper design. This one is fun!  My ideal client is confident and caring. In touch with trends but sets their own path in taste. Lively but not overpowering, she is elegant and fun. The kind of person that knows where to find the perfect cocktail and the perfect cocktail dress, but anyone is invited to happy hour with her. They love a good meal at a beautiful restaurant as much as canoeing down a river. They value empowering friendships, family, and giving back.

What is your favorite moment when photographing a wedding day? Bridal portraits. I love watching her get the chance to just breathe deeply in private, all while taking in how beautiful she looks and what she is about to experience.  Having the opportunity to capture the most raw emotion and soft femininity in these minutes really gives me chills.  

Any tips to engaged couples looking for their dream wedding photographer? 

1) TAKE IT SLOW. A photographer is often one of the first vendors chosen, and I think couples feel a sort of pressure to make that choice fast.  If I could talk to anyone that is engaged before they start the photography search I would tell them DO NOT RUSH!

2) DO YOUR RESEARCH. What photography style are you drawn to? What do you not like? Talk with recently married friends and ask them what they loved about their photographer, and even what left them not so satisfied.  This will help you really hone in on selecting a few photographers to speak with that already fit your vision.  Can you get a referral from a trusted source?  Even better. MEET IN PERSON. 

3) GET TO KNOW YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER. Your photographer is  the only one you will be spending your ENTIRE wedding day with. That’s a big deal. You’ve gotta like them! When you meet, go beyond the contract and ask a few personal things, really get some insight to their personality. Come wedding day, I am pretty much infatuated with my brides because they chose me for the connection we made in the beginning and we’ve became friends. That allows me to do my job so much better than if we had forced a connection.  



You are Grice Grove's main product photographer. What are some of your favorite GG products?!  My obsession with dainty pieces and a hand crafted vibe makes the gold spice dish set my top pick. I mean, how cute is that spoon! This paper lover is also smitten with all the adorable paper goods Grice Grove is stocking right now.  Snail mail is SO in, write someone a note!

gold spice dish set

Does Sarah sound like your dream wedding photographer or invitation designer?! Check it out at and give her a shout at!

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