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Oh Baby!

We've been quiet for a good reason: we welcomed our little boy George at the end of March, and we've been busy recovering/not sleeping a lot, getting used to life with him, soaking up all the baby snuggles, and enjoying this sweet season with our family and friends... Read More...
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    Kaitlynne's Holiday Gift Guide

    Hey guys! I hope y'all are looking forward to a fun holiday season, and eating some TURKEY next week! With Baby Grice 6 months cooked, I am READY FOR THE CASSEROLE at my grandma's next week! Speaking of, sound off in the blog comments below if you're interested in hearing more about my pregnancy journey and baby G nursery prep! Any way, after quite a few instagram DM's and text messages, it has come to my attention that some of y'all would like to hear about my top holiday gift picks. I'm too happy to share this with everyone! I...

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    Poppin' Bottles: GG's ONE YEAR PARTY! #Blessed

    Wow. Grice Grove has been around for one entire year, and what a crazy, fun ride it has been! This past year has been full of highs and lows as we learned to navigate the world that is owning and running a small business. I quit my full time 9-5 job to pursue this side hustle passion project, and while it was scary (and Justin will tell you it still IS scary for him!), I haven't looked back, because as much as I believe in GG, so many of y'all do as well, and that is incredibly humbling and motivating. There...

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    Matters of the Heart...

    This is a unique blog post for me. As a person in general, I am not overly emotional. I struggle, and I mean REALLY struggle, to let people know much about what I'm feeling beyond basic, every day emotions and a whole lot of sass. I am NOT a hugger unless I know you really well, in fact, I get a little startled when I am touched unexpectedly unless I am ready and expecting it (I'm talking to you big huggers - who end up getting my awkward side hug because you came at me too fast!) It probably explains...

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    Wedding Wednesday with Photographer Sarah Ingram

    ABOUT   Name: Sarah Ingram, 31 Occupation: Film Photographer, Calligrapher & Stationery Designer, Sarah Ingram Photography & Design Hometown: Just north of Atlanta, GA Favorite Color: Grey Dream Travel Spot: Greece & Italy - film camera in tow! Red Velvet or Chocolate Mousse: Chocolate  Fav iPhone Editing App: VSCO   GIRL BOSSING + STYLE Tell our readers about your brand, Sarah Ingram Photography & Design! What can we expect from you this year?  With art and connection at the center of business, I am a bespoke film photographer and calligrapher specializing in weddings. I run an intimate operation booking a small number of projects each year to...

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    Wedding Wednesday with Collection Event Furnishings

    Happy Wedding Wednesday, Dolls! We are so excited to share our interview with the ladies at Collection Event Furnishings! Lydia and Lois are the go to professionals for luxury event rentals in Atlanta, Nashville and the Southeast! ABOUT   Name: Lois Bourne Occupation: Director of Business Development, Collection Event Furnishings Hometown: Atlanta, GA Favorite Color: Amethyst Fav ATL Hood: Midtown Dream Travel Spot: Paris Red Velvet or Chocolate Mousse: Red Velvet Fav Book: Grapes of Wrath Name: Lydia Sooter Occupation: Sales Assistant, Collection Event Furnishings Hometown: Birmingham, AL Favorite Color: Emerald Green Fav ATL Hood: Virginia Highlands Dream Travel Spot: Paris Red Velvet or...

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    Wedding Wednesday with Taylor Dawn, Wedding Designer + Planner

    ABOUT Name: Taylor Doehrman, 24 Occupation: Wedding Planner + Designer, Taylor Dawn Design  Website: Taylor Dawn Design Hometown: Loganville, Georgia Favorite Color: soft pink Favorite iPhone Photo Editing App: Filmborn Favorite Clothing Store: Madewell Favorite Book: I love to read, so choosing a favorite is hard! The last fiction I read was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Harry Potter, always.). A recent non-Fiction favorite is Scary Close by Donald Miller (this one digs deep, y’all!). GIRL BOSSING + STYLE Let’s talk style. How would you describe yours? Who are your style muses? This is an easy one for me....

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