Scotland, Laddie

Scotland, Laddie

I recently had the incredible pleasure of visiting a country I really never really thought about. I know, I know... you're like, what do you mean? You never wanted to go to Scotland?! No, dear reader, I didn't. As a land locked American for the better part of my life who only started traveling after I married my South African husband, I can honestly tell you I never had any sort of urge to go to Scotland. But whew, was I wrong... Read on. 

This trip was a huge dream of Justin's. He has always talked about wanting to go to Scotland to golf with his dad. I believe in making dreams come true, so that's exactly what we did: with not only Justin's dad, but with a crew of 10 other close South African family friends, and the views are something I will remember for the rest of my life. I now see why William and Kate spent university in this place - it's pure magic. Scroll on to check out some of my iPhone pics from an incredible family holiday. 

Incredible Novare Estate

One of our gorgeous AirBnb finds, courtesy of Mum

at St Andrews Brewing Company

St Andrews



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