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Well, for starters, this is a pretty crazy thing! Welcome to my very first blog post for our company, Grice Grove Boutique! Over the last two years, I’ve written countless blog posts, posted hundreds of photos on Instagram, and thought long and hard about how to better other people’s brands and companies. Thus, it feels surreal to finally, metaphorically speaking, be behind the wheel of my own car and brand: Grice Grove!

Grice Grove officially opened almost two months ago, and I can’t begin to describe everything we have already learned since then, and the resulting accompanying emotions.

As any entrepreneur could tell you, owning your own business comes with a lot of the unexpected: there have been feelings of extreme excitement, accomplishment, and joy coupled with moments of doubt, frustration, and failure. One of the most unexpected feelings I’ve experienced, though, is this: absolute gratitude.

I am so incredibly grateful for the love and support we have received from family, friends, coworkers, vendors, suppliers, absolute strangers, and you, if you are reading this! Your support of Grice Grove makes me believe even more in our mission to provide creative, fun, locally sourced, life enhancing products on a highly convenient online platform. Details matter, and the love y’all have shown us proves just that!

Speaking of details that matter, I want to share something a little personal. I can’t explain the sheer joy I feel every single time one of you shares an Instagram or Facebook post, a snapchat, or send me a text or email letting me know how much you love your #gricegrovegoodies! I screen shot every single one of these posts and texts, and save them on my phone like a hoarder! I’ve included just a few below for you to see!

Long story short: thank you for reading this, thank you for shopping with us, thank you for your love and support of this crazy idea. We cannot wait for what the future holds with y’all!


PS - keep the instagrams, snapchats, texts, etc. coming!




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Lennie Northrup

You have done an amazing job and should be VERY proud of yourself! Keep on killin’ it!!

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