Atlanta Local Spotlight: Blogger Savannah Richey of Tierra Mar Lane


Savannah Thomas Richey Tierra Mar Lane Blogger

 Name: Savannah Thomas Richey, 26

Occupation: Full-time Senior Marketing Coordinator, and creator of Tierra Mar Lane

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Favorite Color: Cerulean Blue

Favorite Atlanta Neighborhood:  Virginia Highlands

Favorite iPhone Editing App:  VSCO

Dream Travel Destination: Bondi  Beach, Australia

Red Velvet Cake or Chocolate  Mousse: Red Velvet


You recently launched your lifestyle blog, Tierra Mar Lane. Tell our readers about the inspiration behind the blog, and what they can expect from you this year! I started Tierra Mar Lane as a fun way to focus on some of my passions outside of my 9-5 job.  I adore my career, but I really wanted to find a way to challenge myself outside of the office. The inspiration behind TML stems from my childhood growing up in Southwest Florida. Think overgrown palm leaves, British West Indies architecture, and dreamy magic hour sunsets on the Gulf while also incorporating my modern day adult life living in Atlanta, Georgia into the mix. This year you can expect more travel posts of course, but also some health and wellness focused content.  I am also super excited about some projects I’m working on at my house that will make their way on the blog soon- there is palm leaf wallpaper involved…

Let’s talk style. How would you describe yours? Who are your style muses? I would best describe my style as feminine, classic, and chic (hopefully).  I love classic pieces like a high waited ankle pant in an unexpected color or print.  I also love to play around with textures. Velvet has been my absolute favorite this season! As far as style muses are concerned that would have to be Audrey Hepburn (the Holly Golightly version), the Olsen twins, and Grace Kelly.

Any work style tips for a professional 20-something girl boss? Feel out the office vibe for about three weeks before investing in an entirely new wardrobe!  I initially went to the mall before starting my job and bought a ton of clothes that I deemed “serious and professional.” I look back now at all of the frumpy clothes I purchased just because I thought they made me look “serious” and laugh a little inside.

When looking for work clothes, make sure that the clothes you are looking at are professional and appropriate for your office culture. Once they pass that test, choose clothes that you feel like your best self in!  They should make you feel comfortable and confident- you should feel like you!

What are some of your favorite looks from TML so far? This is my absolute favorite look I’ve done for TML so far. I really love to create work appropriate looks that show you mean business, but also show off the feminine mystique.  I believe that there are a lot of exciting changes on the horizon for working women so I love to showcase more work looks this year.


Who inspires you and why? This would have to be my mom.  She followed her passion and started an Interior Design company, Adorned Interior.  She is now truly living her passion doing what she loves every single day.  She is also helping me redecorate my house this year and we have some really exciting projects on the horizon- I cannot wait to show you all on TML!

What would you say are your greatest challenges with running your blog?Time!  Finding the time after a long day at work, making dinner, and cleaning the house. It can sometimes feel really crazy and exhausting to sit down and work on the blog. And of course dun dun dun- coding!  I know (in my mind) exactly how I want things on the site to look aesthetically.  To actually execute and make that look happen takes much longer than I typically anticipate!  The incredible thing is that all of the hard work and struggle is worth it!  Some of the greatest joys in life are our greatest challenges- as cheesy as that sounds!


Your Instagram is unreal. Especially your travel pictures! What are some of the best places you’ve traveled? Last May Josh and I traveled to Tahiti for our Honeymoon, which was hands down the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life.  We stayed in one of those tiki huts over the water (you know, the ones that look like a screensaver on your work computer) and the water was completely crystal clear.  One morning while drinking coffee out on our deck a gigantic sting ray swam right under our hut!  That was a surreal experience.

Also, this November we spent Thanksgiving in Peru and Bolivia.  The highlight of the trip was getting to see Machu Picchu, my first of the seven modern day wonders of the world. It was truly an incredible experience!  I also fell in love with the people of Peru.  They were incredibly friendly and their zest for life was contagious!

tierra mar lane travels

tierra mar lane travel

tierra mar lane travel

Talk to us about local customs from some of these places? What is the coolest thing you’ve experienced while abroad? We also recently traveled to Nicaragua for our first international wedding.  A friend of ours from the US married a girl who is originally from Nicaragua. The entire weekend was packed with activities like volcano hikes, salsa dancing classes, and an incredible fiesta on Laguna De Apoyo.

The wedding was a traditional Nicaraguan wedding, which was out of this world. Much more elaborate than a US wedding!  The ceremony was performed in both English and Spanish which was really touching, it seemed to symbolize two cultures coming together. The reception was crazy! Picture the party going on till five in the morning and shot carts being rolled out every hour with a different theme.  It was definitely a more glamorous cultural experience.

You recently went skydiving. Tell us about it! Would you do it again? Skydiving was hands down one of the most thrilling things I have ever experienced!  Afterwards I kept thinking “I jumped out of a freaking airplane, I can literally do anything that scares me after this!”  I would absolutely do it again!


What are some of your favorite go to shopping spots (in store and online)? I'm an “evangelist” as Steve Jobs would have said for Nordstrom.  “Why buy it anywhere else if you can buy it at Nordstrom”- is my motto. Their customer service can’t be matched. For home décor I’m obsessed with LuLu and Georgia and of course my mom’s interior design shop Adorned Interior!  Revolve is my favorite online shopping destination- it’s an addiction honestly.

What are your favorite brands? I would describe my style as very high brow/low brow.  I love designer brands such as Chloe, Elizabeth and James, and MiuMiu.  But I also love more affordable brands like Madewell, Tula Rose, and Mara Hoffman. And I have to shout out Zara, they get it so right.

tierra mar lane style

Describe your favorite pair of shoes. My favorite pair in my closet is the Steve Madden black suede heels, they are minimal and classic and you can wear them with practically anything!  

You love our Grice Grove candle line, Evil Queen. What is your favorite Evil Queen scent?! I think Boss Babe is pretty hard to beat. I’ve gifted it to all of my #BossBabe friends! 

 What other Grice Grove products do you love?The Tech Tassel in champagne! And the Savannah Phone Case of course!! 


Do you have any skin care tips for this recent freezing Atlanta weather?Number one would be using a moisturizer every morning and every night, no exceptions!  I use CeraVe from the drugstore which is a great product for an affordable price!    Also, before you get in the shower rub coconut oil all over your body and really let it seep in, then repeat when you get out of the shower.  I put coconut oil on my face too, it sounds like it would break you out but it hasn’t. This is coming from a girl who has struggled with acne her entire life!

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