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Bar carts: every one digs them, and they are like, so cool right now! After posting photos from a recent GG shoot, I've had quite a few texts/DM's/comments asking me about our bar cart, so I thought it would be fun to share a few styling tips for my favorite furniture piece in the house! 

I have so far used our Wayfair bar cart (pictured throughout this blog) in more ways that I thought possible when I bought it last summer: as a serving table for dinner, as a mimosa cart at a best friend's bridal shower, as a decor piece, as an actual bar cart, and as you'll see it pictured here, as a major Grice Grove photo shoot staple piece for all of the fun bar accessories we carry. 


My 5 Step Bar Cart Style Guide

1. Pick a Bar Cart, Any Bar Cart! 
      • My favorite online bar cart shopping picks are Society Social, Wayfair, and Joss & Main. 
    2. Choose Your Beverages and Glassware. 
        • I love bringing in color with the drinks on offer from our cart. Currently, we have a bright blue Bombay Sapphire Gin (for gin + tonics!), and an orange-gold Johnny Walker Black Label Whisky.
        • Always ready to go on our bar cart: at least two gold or copper pineapple tumblers and metal gold straws, as well as champagne glasses, because champagne is always a good idea.
        • The trick is not going too heavy with your glassware. You don't need to have every glass you own on the cart!

        Pictured Here: Call Me Old Fashioned Towel, Gold Metal Straws, Clover Leaf Tray


        Pictured: Champagne Campaign Candle *GG exclusive*

        https://gricegrove.com/collections/home-goods/products/pineapple-tumbler-gold Pictured: Copper Pineapple Tumbler, Copper Pineapple Shot Glass

        3. Bring in a little something that's alive. 

          • Your bar cart is an amazing place to feature your favorite plant or floral arrangement. For these vignettes, I bought 3 over-size white lilies at Sprouts (as seen in the warm toned vignette), and then we literally cut flowering branches off one of my trees for the cool toned vignette.
          • You don't have to have expensive flowers though, literally any form of plant or flower life will do: get creative and have fun with it!
          • I styled our bar cart flowers in these gorgeous and super versatile vases:




        4. Have Fun with Your Accessories!

          • I am a big fan of really cool, yet really useful accessories. For example, I have straws, stirrers, kitchen towels (for cleaning up the mess I make as I pretend to be the master mixologist!), linen cocktail napkins (also available in our DOG collection, be still my heart because THE PUPS), and beautiful vases that also double as drink containers. 
          • The Aiden Bar Cart Bottle never fails to spark conversation, while also serving as a useful decanter (or vase)! 
        Aiden Bar Cart Bottle

        Bar Cart Essentials: Linen Cocktail Napkins, Bottoms Up Stirrers

        Pictured: Linen Cocktail Napkins, DOG Collection

        Pictured: Christina Bowl 

        5. Don't Forget the Tray!

          • This is one major styling aspect that gets overlooked. The tray is a great, versatile home accessory. It adds visual appeal and height to accessories on your bar cart, while also functioning as a useful and practical serving piece. 
          • My favorite trays: 


        A final thought: there are tons of Pinterest articles about styling and using bar carts (actually there are Pinterest articles for everything home related, amirite?), but when it comes to creative inspiration, I like to reverse engineer that process. When dealing with anything wedding or home related, I resist the urge to pin until LAST. I've found this allows me to create a space that works for me, and then I can use Pinterest inspiration for styling details. Bar carts should be a fun place in your home, so don't be afraid to experiment and change it up based on the occasion!

        If you're loving anything you see on this post for your own bar + cart, go ahead and treat yourself! Get 30% off your purchase with the discount code BARBLOG at check out, valid through Saturday 5/20 at midnight only! Just do us a favor: make sure you send all cute pics from your bar cart our way - we can't wait to see!

        Until next time dolls, 




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