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Having it all... just not at one time.

I fully intended on writing a super inspirational blog post about motherhood, working full time, and running a small business, but then, I realized after this post got shoved down my to do list for the fifth time, that it was actually time to get real. 

George turns 1 next week, I have been back working in events full time since November, and running Grice Grove (and developing our own pajama line!) all at the same time. The word to describe myself these days is tired. I know I'm not alone in this! I wake up every morning with the best intentions to get it all done and be everything to everyone, and quite frankly, I fall short in some area every day. You know what though? That's ok. 

I attended a Women's Leadership Panel today, and was so inspired by the successful, kind-hearted, and just all around wonderful women who spoke. They talked about managing a family and a career, having your own personal interests that make you happy, working out, giving back to others, managing conflict. The best take away I want to share with you all: you can have it all, but you can't have it all at one time. Giving yourself - and others - grace is honestly the key.

With that said, I am giving myself some grace on the pressure to share an amazing blog post, and instead, I am sharing some incredibly special recent photos of my little family (without the dogs!), and the little boy who makes my entire world go around.


Parting note: If you haven't had a second to check out the site lately, please do, we've had some AMAZING new Grice Grove Goodies come in lately.

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