Grice Grove Musings

Having it all... just not at one time.

I fully intended on writing a super inspirational blog post about motherhood, working full time, and running a small business, but then, I realized after this post got shoved down my to do list for the fifth time, that it was actually time to get real.  George turns 1 next week, I have been back working in events full time since November, and running Grice Grove (and developing our own pajama line!) all at the same time. The word to describe myself these days is tired. I know I'm not alone in this! I wake up every morning with the best intentions...


Oh Baby!

We've been quiet for a good reason: we welcomed our little boy George at the end of March, and we've been busy recovering/not sleeping a lot, getting used to life with him, soaking up all the baby snuggles, and enjoying this sweet season with our family and friends... Read More...
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    What Black Friday Means to Me

    Lately, like you I'm sure, I've seen a lot of businesses advertising for their Black Friday specials and deals and steals and so on. I have also seen some businesses promoting how they will NOT open on Thanksgiving and/or Black Friday because to go out hunting for deals and knocking people over for televisions and Apple watches, it, well, defeats the purpose of being thankful.  I have a different perspective on Black Friday: year after year, it is one of my favorite family traditions. I have worked for some form of small business retail store/boutique every Black Friday since I was 16! The only...


    Kaitlynne's Holiday Gift Guide

    Hey guys! I hope y'all are looking forward to a fun holiday season, and eating some TURKEY next week! With Baby Grice 6 months cooked, I am READY FOR THE CASSEROLE at my grandma's next week! Speaking of, sound off in the blog comments below if you're interested in hearing more about my pregnancy journey and baby G nursery prep! Any way, after quite a few instagram DM's and text messages, it has come to my attention that some of y'all would like to hear about my top holiday gift picks. I'm too happy to share this with everyone! I...

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    Poppin' Bottles: GG's ONE YEAR PARTY! #Blessed

    Wow. Grice Grove has been around for one entire year, and what a crazy, fun ride it has been! This past year has been full of highs and lows as we learned to navigate the world that is owning and running a small business. I quit my full time 9-5 job to pursue this side hustle passion project, and while it was scary (and Justin will tell you it still IS scary for him!), I haven't looked back, because as much as I believe in GG, so many of y'all do as well, and that is incredibly humbling and motivating. There...

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    On Safari: A South African's Guide to Cape Town

    Hello, lovely people! What a pleasure it is to be able to sit down and write this little post and send it across the oceans to you. I am Cally, and I live in South Africa, and in these few blog posts I will hopefully be chatting to you all about what happens down here in the South of the world, and possibly even tempt some of you to jump on a plane to come and see for yourself. I am happily living in Cape Town, and work full time as a high school teacher out here. I love my...

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    Summer Essentials (feat. the Summer Intern)

    Hi guys! I'm so excited to be a Grice Grove intern this summer! For starters, I thought I'd write a little post to introduce myself and share four of my summer product favorites! So first things first, introductions. My name is Mary and I'm from Columbus, GA. I am a senior at Darlington School where I am really involved in the Agriculture Club. I tend to think of my style as alternative yet flowy. My favorite colors are forest green and royal blue. I have a fish named Chance and a puppy named Zoey. Lastly, my favorite ice cream is...

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